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La Bottega’s Stephen Virion (above) learned to make gelato as the chef at Villa Arceno in San Gusme, Tuscany. Virion’s house-made stracciatella, cioccolato, fragola (strawberry), tarocco (blood orange sorbetto), and eight other flavors are the summertime blockbusters at delizioso, the restaurant’s recently opened, next-door gourmet food emporium. 100 E Meadow Drive, Vail. 970-476-7925;

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Crema Catalana

Riffing on the classic French custard, LEONORA executive chef Sergio Howland combines a salad of dehydrated strawberries and frozen mango granita with a crème brûlée foam flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, and star anise. 16 Vail Road, Vail Village 970-477-8050;

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The taste of peanut butter mousse piped between vanilla cookies garnished with peanut brittle, toasted peanuts, and concord grape sorbet? Says LA Tour chef/owner Paul Ferzacca, it’s exactly like the sandwich. 122 E Meadow Drive, Vail Village 970-476-4403;

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Frozen Mousse Trio

This dessert proves that good things come in threes: Last COurse pastry chef Whitney Armistead layers a wedge of dark, milk, and white chocolate frozen mousse, garnished with a trio of raspberry-rose macaroons swimming in berry compote, finished with a dark chocolate interjection. 275 Main St., Edwards 970-926-1979

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This Austrian crêpe even has its own Facebook page, and 98,013 followers. At Swiss CHalet, pastry chef Bernie Oswald fills his with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, garnished with fresh berries, chocolate sauce, and a summertime dusting of powder (sugar); elevated when paired with Champagne. 20 Vail Road, Vail Village 970-479-5429

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