Two winters ago, when the Kardashian clan paraded around Vail Village and Lionshead for a week and glamped for the paparazzi, locals reacted to the visit as they would a multi-vehicle pileup on Vail Pass: fascinated, yet horrified, they couldn’t help but gape. After all, this isn’t Aspen, where Gulfstreams and Lears are ostentatiously parked on the tarmac at the town’s main entrance like so many Maseratis and Lamborghinis. Luxury defines Vail and Beaver Creek, but it’s tastefully woven into the resort fabric, and goes above and way beyond heated gondola seets and sidewalks and hot-from-the-oven chocolate chips served on silver platters in the ski yard. Discreetly, we peel back the velvet curtain and offer a glimpse of how the other half luxuriates, Vail Valley-style.

In This Feature:

A Peek at the Valley's Most Luxurious Forms of Transportation

While free bus services to and from Vail Mountain and the Beav’ qualifies as a luxury for most locals, there’s always an option for those looking for—and lucky enough to afford—a more dignified way to get from Point A to Point B.

11/17/2017 By Kirsten Dobroth

The Valley's Most Upscale Lodging Options

From luxe master suites to mountainside penthouses; a peek at some of Vail and Beaver Creek's swankiest home-away-from-homes.

11/17/2017 By Kirsten Dobroth

A Peek at the Valley's Most Indulgent Mountain Amenities

From ski lockers on Bridge Street to the white glove treatment, and everything in between.

03/15/2019 By Kirsten Dobroth

The Valley's Most Exclusive Dining Experiences

From sleigh-rides to on-mountain oases to private dining rooms, and everything in between.

11/17/2017 By Kirsten Dobroth

A Peek at Vail Resorts' On-Mountain Signature Clubs

Gourmet breakfast, slopeside clubhouses, spa services; the sky's the limit when your on-mountain experience is members only.

11/17/2017 By Kirsten Dobroth

Style Guide: The Luxury Issue

From multi-carat diamonds to multi-million dollar homes, the upper echelons of the valley's shopping scene.

11/17/2017 By Vail-Beaver Creek Staff