How the Cycle Effect Changes Lives

The story of how a plucky Eagle nonprofit introduced mountain biking to the valley’s Hispanic community—and created a team of state champs that’s charging uphill toward the future.

10/10/2016 By Kelly Bastone Photography by Dominique Taylor


Before You Hit the Trails, Play it Safe

Hiking in the mountains requires a few extra considerations. Before setting out, especially on the valley’s most challenging trails, take these factors into account.

10/10/2016 By Cindy Hirschfeld Photography by Zach Mahone


Purpose Driven

Trails for those who like a mission when they go hiking.

10/10/2016 By Cindy Hirschfeld Photography by Zach Mahone


The Vail Valley's On Mountain Escapes

Vail and Beaver Creek aren’t just for skiing — it’s time to break out the hiking boots and hit the best resort trails.

10/10/2016 By Cindy Hirschfeld Photography by Zach Mahone


Seven Hikes to Satisfy Your Labor Day Weekend Hiking Needs

Three different kinds of treks to check off before the summer (officially) comes to an end.

10/10/2016 By Cindy Hirschfeld Photography by Zach Mahone Edited by Kirsten Dobroth


A Guide to the Valley's Most Iconic Trails

The Vail Valley offers an escape for every type of backcountry wanderer. Whether your goal is bagging a peak, trekking to a high-alpine lake, exercising Rover, or conversing with a babbling creek, an endless summer of happy trails awaits.

10/10/2016 By Cindy Hirschfeld Photography by Zach Mahone

Village Talk

Raft of Medals

After twelve seasons representing the U.S. at the world championships, a white-water legend Retires his paddle.

10/10/2016 With Shauna Farnell


Green $avers

Enjoy great deals on greens fees and lodging.

10/05/2016 By Kim D. McHugh


From City Boy to Nature Boy

A newcomer to the Vail Valley went on his very first hike (really!) and he has a lot to say.

10/04/2016 By Abner Pizano

Skiing + Snowboarding

Four Must-See Ski and Snowboard Movies

The best of the white room on the silver screen

10/03/2016 Edited by Tom Winter


The Makeover

Our digital editor gets cleaned up by one of the Valley's top stylists.

09/28/2016 Photography by Tom Winter


Tips for Capturing the Fall's Foliage in Photos

Autumn gets picture-perfect in the Vail Valley with an explosion of color.

09/20/2016 Photography by Tom Winter Edited by Kirsten Dobroth


Inside Vail Mountain's Epic Discovery Experience

We take a visit to Vail's biggest investment in summer activities since scenic chairlift rides.

09/06/2016 By Tom Winter


Vail's Team: The Oldest and Most Successful Sporting Organization in the Vail Valley Hosts the Oldest Sporting Event in Vail This Weekend

The Vail Rugby Club is the community's most venerable sporting organization. Is it the most civilized? We'll let you decide.

08/05/2016 Edited by Tom Winter Photography by Bob Barrett


James Dziezynski Hiked 800 Miles So You Don't Have To

James Dziezynski talks about his latest hiking guidebook, his favorite trails in Vail and the best hiking choices for people with dogs.

08/01/2016 Edited by Tom Winter


Gore Range Getaway

The close in, convenient backpacking destination you won't want to miss this summer.

07/15/2016 Edited by Tom Winter


The Valley's Greatest Lakes

Where to swim, paddle and relax in the high country.

06/13/2016 By Devon O'Neil Photography by Zach Mahone


The GoPro Mountain Games Make a High-Flying and Hard-Charging Return to Vail Village

The GoPro Mountain Games makes its 17th annual stop in Vail, marking the largest celebration of adventure sports in the country, and the official start to summer in the valley.

06/06/2016 By Tom Winter Edited by Kirsten Dobroth


Eagle County's Greatest Lakes

Behold: the 12 best places to bike, hike, paddle and boat this summer.

06/01/2016 By Devon O'Neil Photography by Zach Mahone

Style Counsel

Gear Up + Get Out

The best high-performance gear for your summer adventures.

06/01/2016 Edited by Cindy Hirschfeld