Since its debut in the summer of 1977, this award-winning publication with an annual circulation of 72,000 has been a must-read for anyone who lives or vacations in the Vail Valley, home to North America's most-visited ski resort (Vail Mountain) and its sister resort (Beaver Creek). Relying on the best practices of narrative and service journalism and visually enhanced by stunning design and photography, Vail-Beaver Creek magazine strives to enlighten, entertain, and endow its actively engaged readers with the reliable and practical information—and perspective—they need to make the most of life in the Vail Valley.

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SagaCity Media, Inc. is the parent company of the preeminent lifestyle media brands in Portland, Seattle, Houston, Sarasota, Aspen, Vail, and Park City. In their respective markets, Portland MonthlySeattle Met, Houstonia, and Sarasota produce the largest-selling magazines, most-visited local lifestyle websites, and industry-dominating numbers of engaged social media followers. SagaCity also proudly produces web content and publications elsewhere, many of them award-winning, for conventions and visitors bureaus or lodging associations in such markets as Portland, Seattle, Santa Monica, Aspen, Washington state, Eastern Oregon, Bellevue, Tacoma, Galveston, Aurora, Greenville, and Vancouver. Gulf Shore Media, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of SagaCity Media, Inc.

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