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Minturn Fitness Center is the Local's Spot for Champion-Worthy Training

Minturn’s magnificent new fitness center promises to reap gold for the valley’s Olympic hopefuls—and build sweat equity for weekend warriors.

10/05/2016 Edited by Ted Katauskas

Locals We Love

Beth Slifer Talks Entrepreneurialism, Vail Life and Renovations

She's the founder of the valley’s most successful interior design firm, but there's a lot more to Beth Slifer than that.

10/05/2016 Edited by Ted Katauskas Photography by Charles Engelbert

Village Talk

An Unlikely Fencing Club Takes Root in the Valley

Whether your inspiration’s Vader, Arya, or Olympic gold medalist Mariel Zagunis, this club’s for you.

10/05/2016 Edited by Ted Katauskas


Check out 'America's Highest Drive-In' Before it Drives Away

Summer's almost gone. Better make a date with Minturn's 50's-style pop up drive-in movie theater before it leaves town after Labor Day.

08/26/2016 Edited by Ted Katauskas


Fun & Free: Week of July 4

Why spend money when you don't have to?

07/05/2016 By Tom Winter


50 Years of Vail in Words and Pictures

Charting Vail’s evolution from sheep pasture to center of the skiing universe.

07/01/2016 By David O. Williams

Real Estate

Minturn/Red Cliff

Old school but not old fashioned.



Local Music in the Key of Free

Mark your calendars—this season's lineup of free summer concerts is hot.

06/01/2016 Edited by Tom Winter


The Home Remedy for Altitude Sickness? Sea-Level Living at 8000 Feet

For the price of a Bentley, try a suite of bedrooms where the engineered air is almost as rich as at sea level.

06/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas

Village Talk

Walking the High Wire: A Courtship With High Places

Local Krista Van Parys likes thin ropes, high places, air under her toes, and the view from up above.

06/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas

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The Face of Luxury Real Estate

Meet the Faces of Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate, the Vail Valley’s original and #1 real estate company.



Born From the Influence of Celebrity Chef Kelly Liken, a Vail Wine Bar Thrives

A more refined niche in Vail Village’s spirited après scene attracts a crowd.

02/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas

Out & About

The Lion Open House

at the Gateway Building, Vail Village, 11/19/15

02/01/2016 Photography by Holiday Cole

Style Counsel

Powder Play

When the Blue Sky Basin snow-stake cam promises a bounty of powder, investing in a few essentials—goggles to cut the glare or amplify flat light, warm hands,...


Person of Interest

Pinnacle of Success

Meet Chris Anthony, founder of a nonprofit that teaches kids life lessons from Warren Miller films.

02/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas

A welcome from our editor!

The Fall Guy

A welcome from our editor!

02/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas


A Family-First Vacation

With the first snowfalls of winter dusting the Rocky Mountains, it's time to start planning a family vacation featuring the best that Vail and Beaver Creek have to offer.

11/01/2015 By Kelly Bastone Photography by Matt Suby

To Your Health

The Magic of Hyperbaric Medicine

It's not a miracle cure for cancer, but for sports injuries, hyperbaric medicine has an almost mystical healing power. Maybe that's why Bode Miller, one of t...

11/01/2015 By Ted Katauskas

Village Talk

Knock, Knock

Who’s there? In Eagle County, a seasonal ski worker seeking affordable housing

11/01/2015 By Reilly Capps


Lion in Winter

A scion of sculpture skilled in celestial navigation finds his way as an artist.

11/01/2015 By Ted Katauskas