Four Meals to Warm Body and Soul

These cozy and comfortable venues are close to nature and the slopes.

12/20/2016 By Shauna Farnell

Village Talk

Raft of Medals

After twelve seasons representing the U.S. at the world championships, a white-water legend Retires his paddle.

10/10/2016 With Shauna Farnell


The Cold and Creative World of an Ice Sculptor

Wolcott sculptor Paul Wertin thrives when working conditions are at their harshest.

10/05/2016 With Shauna Farnell

Village Talk

Job Won

Why Vail’s marketing gurus are trusting a blogger from Brooklyn with the keys to our valley.

10/05/2016 With Shauna Farnell

To Your Health

To Stretch or Not to Stretch

Sports experts say flexing your muscles pre-workout may do more harm than good.

10/05/2016 With Shauna Farnell

To Your Health

Go-Go Gadgets

Local running coaches weigh in on what wrist-worn tech you need—or can do without—on the trail.

06/01/2015 By Shauna Farnell

Village Talk

Short Circuit

Three revved-up workouts that are anything but routine

02/01/2015 By Shauna Farnell


An Insider's 2015

A spectator’s guide to making the most of the World Championships

11/01/2014 By Shauna Farnell


Olympics or Bust

They may not be racing in Sochi come February, but these three local US Ski Team athletes are all gunning for South Korea in 2018—mostly on their own dime.

11/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell


Head Med

Take it from your local traumatic-brain-injury specialist: a helmet, like a seat belt, can save your life. But only if you’re wearing it when you hit the slopes.

11/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell


Stem Cell Therapy Promises New Knees, But Will it Work for You?

A revolutionary treatment gives old knees new life, and it is available right here in the Vail Valley.

06/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell


A Forest Road Duplex Channels Escher for a Stunning Remodel

A 1980s home jumps light years ahead with an upscale, outsize, 21st-century makeover.

06/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell



Vail Mountain adds sizzle to its summer with new zip lines and ropes courses at Adventure Ridge.

06/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell

Flame On

Casual and Grilled, Mountain Standard's Fare is for Everyone

Haven't tried the little sister of Vail Village culinary bastion Sweet Basil? Mountain Standard's approach to the grill raises the bar for casual dining in Vail.

02/01/2013 Photography by Shauna Farnell



How not to blow out your knees, from a guy who fixes them.

02/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell


Powder Days, Ice Theaters, and Up-Hill Skiers

The valley's conduit to the snow gods, the coolest movie theater in Vail, a snow-sports competition for the Ritalin generation, the village's buff male mascot, and more.

02/01/2013 By Shauna Farnell, Stewart Oskenhorn, and Ted Katauskas

Out and About

Exploring the Outskirts: Adventures Just Outside Vail

Time to kiss the valley goodbye—at least for the afternoon. From bubbling hot springs to the roaring Colorado River, we chart out classic and close-to-home summer adventures.

06/01/2012 By Shauna Farnell Edited by Kirsten Dobroth


Village Talk

News, views, and happenings from around the Vail Valley

11/01/2011 By Stephen Lloyd Wood, Shauna Farnell, and Joy Overbeck