Glenwood Glory

A historic restoration attempts to recapture the lost grandeur of the Hotel Colorado

06/13/2022 By Sarah Chase Shaw

Best of Vail

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Everything you need to know about the attractions, mission, and history of the Vail Village's botanical treasure.

06/24/2021 By Sarah Chase Shaw

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Perennial Favorites in the Alpine Habitat

Look for these blooms from around the world in the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.

06/24/2021 By Sarah Chase Shaw Photography by Courtesy Betty Ford Alpine Gardens


Land Above the Trees

Vail landmark Betty Ford Alpine Gardens exhibits striking flora alongside its mission of alpine habitat preservation amid climate change.

06/24/2021 By Sarah Chase Shaw


The Making of Knapp Ranch

Instead of building yet another mountain-modern vacation home, publishing magnates Bud and Betsy Knapp built a homestead in Edwards dedicated to preserving the past.

06/07/2019 By Sarah Chase Shaw