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Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Everything you need to know about the attractions, mission, and history of the Vail Village's botanical treasure.

06/24/2021 By Sarah Chase Shaw

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens

Perennial Favorites in the Alpine Habitat

Look for these blooms from around the world in the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens.

06/24/2021 By Sarah Chase Shaw Photography by Courtesy Betty Ford Alpine Gardens


Land Above the Trees

How Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, a Vail Village landmark born of kismet, factors in a worldwide quest to preserve a fragile environment threatened by climate change

06/24/2021 By Sarah Chase Shaw


The Making of Knapp Ranch

Instead of building yet another mountain-modern vacation home, publishing magnates Bud and Betsy Knapp built a homestead in Edwards dedicated to preserving the past.

06/07/2019 By Sarah Chase Shaw