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Color's coffee scientist, Connor Garland, explains that much like the scientific method, perfecting a pull of espresso comes down to repeatable steps in a quest for consistency.

Balanced with sweet, subtle hints of chocolate, a touch of acidity, and a robust body and mouth feel - you may think I'm referencing wine of an enviable vintage, but according to Eagle's Color Coffee Roasters, those are just some of the tasting notes of an expertly pulled espresso shot. So how does one recreate this harmonious balance from the comforts of home (assuming you're enough of a coffee snob to have purchased an espresso machine for your kitchen)? I took a crash course with Connor Garland, one of Color's baristas - although he'd probably be better described as a coffee scientist - on his tips to pulling espresso like a pro. My findings? Consistency, consistency, consistency, and a whole lotta love.

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