Massages That Take Your Spa Experience to a Higher Level

Four CBD-infused rubdowns that give new meaning to high country R&R.

By Kirsten Dobroth October 2, 2018

The Vail Vitality Center is one of three locations in the Vail Valley where you can sample a CBD oil massage.

Those looking to sample the fruits of Colorado's budding marijuana industry—without feeling a buzz—can kick back (and relax) at one of the valley's spas, thanks to massages that incorporate cannabidiol (CBD) oil into the treatment. Although, it's worth noting that CBD oil won't get you high—partly due to the fact that it's not being absorbed into the bloodstream, and that CBD (which is the concentrated, liquid extract of the marijuana plant) differs chemically from THC (aka the strain of marijuana that's known to get you high). So, why would you want it slathered all over your body? There's not a lot of research on the effects of CBD oil (or marijuana use more broadly), but there is plenty of preliminary research and anecdotal evidence that supports CBD oil as being helpful in reducing pain and inflammation and improving circulation. Add to that that there's only a handful of states (and counting) where you can give a CBD massage treatment a try, it might just take your rest day off the slopes to the next level.

CBD oil treatments have been popping up at spas around the state, and the Vail Valley is no exception.

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So, where can you get the full CBD experience? Vail Mountain Lodge's Spa at the Vail Athletic Club (vailathleticclub.com, 970-476-7960) offers a 50-minute ($170), 75-minute ($235), or 100-minute ($295) option that uses Nature's Root (award-winning) organic help oil to soothe sore muscles and limbs. The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa's Spa Anjali (spaanjali.com, 970-790-3020) also has a CBD-infused treatment, which combines a hydrating CBD hemp oil treatment and targeted muscle work that frequent hikers, bikers, and skiers should appreciate (50-minutes for $180, 75-minutes for $225, and 100-minutes for $275). Although, if you're really looking to treat worn-out legs, opt for Manor Vail's Ultimate Recovery (themanorvailspa.com, 970-674-7977) which pairs an Epsom salt soak and scrub with a CBD-infused foot and leg massage, and is finished off with a lounge session in the spa's Recovery Boot system to flush out any lactic acid from left over from your day up on the hill (45 minutes for $85). Local-favorite Simply Massage's Avon location (simplymassage.com, 970-748-1600) also has an option to upgrade any one of their standard massages with a CBD oil treatment ($22 extra), and take home any any CBD product leftover after the rubdown.

And if you can't get enough of the benefits of CBD, head to the green mile (Eagle-Vail's stretch of dispensaries on Highway 6), to stock up on CBD-infused salves, oils, and tinctures you can use from the comforts of home.

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