Modern Love: A Vacation Home Gets an Up-to-date Makeover

A traditional log vacation home in the Vail Valley's Cordillera development gets a pandemic makeover as a full-time, and up-to-date, residence.

12/15/2021 By Linda Hayes Photography by Kimberly Gavin


Retro Fit

The collaborative, creative update of a vacation home in the Vail Valley enclave of Singletree results in a dazzling full-time family residence.

06/24/2021 By Ted Katauskas Photography by Kimberly Gavin

Home & Real Estate

Vail Village's Most-Stunning Home Pool

A lap pool that's cantilevered over Gore Creek steals the show at this contemporary estate on Forest Road

07/02/2020 By Brook Sutton Photography by Ric Stovall

Home & Real Estate

Lake Creek's Golden Pond

The water feature of this contemporary estate was designed by one of America's most celebrated landscape architects

07/02/2020 By Brook Sutton Photography by Scott Cramer Photography

Home & Real Estate

The Valley's Most-Plunge-Worthy Pools

The water features outside these three over-the-top Vail Valley homes qualify as functional works of art

07/02/2020 By Brook Sutton

Home & Real Estate

Beaver Creek's Most-Stunning Home Pool

The custom pool in this Beaver Creek home doubles as an aquatic playground, and an entertainment room

07/02/2020 By Brook Sutton Photography by Brendan Caffrey

Home Story

A Home for the Stars

A New Vail Residence Treats the Sky as No Limit.

04/07/2020 By Stephen Lloyd Wood Photography by Ric Stovall

Real Estate

A Photographic Tour of Eagle County's Most Expensive Listing

Take a peek inside the Casteel Creek Retreat: A $78 million estate on 439 acres in Lake Creek with 23 bedrooms and 34 bathrooms, oriented around a signature vista.

02/07/2020 By Georgia Perry


How to Curate a Cozy, Hygge Holiday Season

Hygge Life co-founder Alexandra Gove discusses her new book, "Dwell, Gather, Be: Design for Moments," and how to cultivate lasting memories over the holidays.

12/10/2019 By Kirsten Dobroth


The Making of Knapp Ranch

Instead of building yet another mountain-modern vacation home, publishing magnates Bud and Betsy Knapp built a homestead in Edwards dedicated to preserving the past.

06/07/2019 By Sarah Chase Shaw


A Down-To-The-Studs Remodel Perfects a Beaver Creek Basecamp

A family of Denver skiers tailors a Beaver Creek townhome to suit their exacting definition of a user-friendly slopeside vacation home.

02/11/2019 By Kirsten Dobroth Photography by Kimberly Gavin

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A One-Of-A-Kind Wine Vault in Beaver Creek Completes a Home

And cements a friendship.

11/12/2018 By Kirsten Dobroth Photography by Ryan Dearth

Home Design

Cozy Spaces and Nordic Design Find a Home in the Vail Valley

From European flea markets to a storefront in Eagle-Vail, Hygge Life brings a Scandinavian-inspired sense of coziness to the mountains.

05/30/2018 By Kirsten Dobroth


A Design Duo Brings New Life to a Golf Course Condo

A Northwoods condo from the 1970s gets a dreamlike postmodern facelift.

06/12/2017 By Kirsten Dobroth


A Golf Course Condo Gets an Uplifting Makeover

A condo on the Vail Golf Course with Gore Range views gets elevated for the next generation with an aerie and a glass elevator.

06/12/2017 By Reilly Capps Photography by Kimberly Gavin

Mountain Living

Take a Tour of Lionshead's Newest Luxury Residences

After 3 years of construction, The Lion is open for business.

04/20/2017 By Kirsten Dobroth

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Shaeffer Hyde Construction

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Vail Bachelor Pads That Were Built for the Boys

A Vail architect creates two singular luxe mountain town homes that aren't for families.

11/22/2016 By Tom Winter Photography by Peter Gibeon and Kelly Gibeon


The Home Remedy for Altitude Sickness? Sea-Level Living at 8000 Feet

For the price of a Bentley, try a suite of bedrooms where the engineered air is almost as rich as at sea level.

06/01/2016 By Ted Katauskas