If you found yourself near the Short Course at Cordillera in Edwards at the end of summer, you might have noticed a faint, industrial hum carried on the crisp mountain breeze. Traveling up Cordillera Way as it winds from the guarded gatehouse through the tony enclave, a final switchback brings into view a swarm of construction workers that has descended on the former Lodge & Spa at Cordillera. They are feverishly working to transform what had been the gated community’s exclusive resort-style hotel into All Points North (APN) Lodge—a luxurious new addiction treatment center that opens in January.

Once the $20 million makeover is complete, the 77,000-square-foot lodge (on 30 acres) will house patients in a setting it bills on its website as a “luxury comprehensive wellness and personal development campus,” with 72 shared and private rooms ($49,000 and $69,000, respectively, for a 28-day stay) as well as several APN-owned private homes (from $100,000 a stay) near the lodge staffed with personal chefs, dieticians, concierges, chauffeurs, and professional security teams.

An All Points North Lodge suite

Of course, none of this is news to anyone following the LA Law-worthy drama that unfolded when Malibu-based APN Capital (which operates All Points North Lodge) purchased the Lodge & Spa in 2016 (from a developer who had put the distressed property on the market after post-recession economics shrank the golf club’s roster to just 53 dues-paying members and demand for lodge guest rooms plummeted) and announced its intention to redevelop and rebrand the property as a luxury rehab facility. A quick Google search reveals: five lawsuits in as many courtrooms, including a $100 million class-action suit brought by several Cordillera homeowners, the Cordillera Property Owners Association, and the Cordillera Metro District claiming that the facility had been wrongly approved by Eagle County commissioners and would hurt property values.

All Points North founder Noah Nordheimer

Now that the legal dust had finally settled (the last lawsuit was dismissed late last year), at press time construction dust was swirling with the first snowflakes that fell in October as APN founder Noah Nordheimer moved full speed ahead toward a singular goal: opening an addiction treatment center that he says will redefine high-end rehab throughout
the country.

“There’s a lack of a full continuum of care,” explains Nordheimer, whose personal history includes a battle with addiction to pain meds. “Even some of the best programs in the country that I really respect aren’t using technology to support their clients long term.... There’s a lot of new technology out there and we’re making some great investments in that.”

Ultimately, Nordheimer expects to spend $100 million in the buildout, appointing APN Lodge with everything from hyperbaric chambers to sensory deprivation tanks while assembling a regiment of behavioral health specialists, clinicians, fitness trainers, and nutritionists under one gabled roof—a rarity for high-end treatment centers in rehab hot spots like Malibu that might shuttle patients to and from a variety of specialty clinics and practices. APN has also partnered with Vail Health and mapped out a comprehensive approach to long-term preventative care (and after-care) for patients as part of a holistic plan to staying clean.

“Integrating primary care is critical,” stresses Nordheimer. “If people are taking care of their physical health, generally it’s an indicator of how they’re doing in their sobriety.”

All Points North co-founder Aaron Voros

That also goes for the Lodge’s program for professional athletes, led by Aaron Voros, an APN co-founder and former NHL athlete (a winger who played with the Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild, and New York Rangers) who sought treatment at a high-end rehab facility near the end of his professional hockey career. Voros was looking for ways he could open a similar facility for elite athletes struggling with addiction or facing league bans for substance violations in California, when Nordheimer asked if he might be interested in joining the staff at APN Lodge in Eagle County.

Voros jumped at the opportunity.

Like the facility’s mainstream program for less athletically inclined patients, athletes who enroll in APN’s “Level Up Suspension Training” or check in to the rehab facility for ongoing substance abuse problems will also receive long-term care options that center around highly individualized treatment plans—plus, chefs to cater to their unique nutritional needs, consultations with experts in sports psychology, sports medicine, and orthopedics at the Steadman Clinic, as well as access to APN Lodge’s resort-style spa and fitness center, which, in addition to a full gymnasium with personal trainers, also includes studios for massage, Pilates, acupuncture, yoga,  meditation, and breath work.

“This really was the best property for sale that was capable of housing this type of facility,” says Voros, addressing lingering community angst over the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera’s transition to APN Lodge. “And in my experience with high-end treatment centers in places like Malibu, people often buy property there afterwards because it tends to represent this huge upswing in their lives.”

For those who plan on living hyper-locally, thanks to a rebound in property values, that upswing will coincide with an uptick in personal fortune: at press time, of the 39 Cordillera homes sold in 2019, only four were priced under $1 million.


2205 Cordillera Way, Edwards; 970-693-0015, apnlodge.com

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