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You have been in Vail for over 50 years. what is it about the Vail Valley that keeps you calling it home?

One trip over Vail Pass during a snow-covered February in 1963 was all it would take to call Vail home. At the time, no one had a clue we were witnessing the creation of not only a world-class ski hill but a thriving, livable community. I have always enjoyed the restaurants, shops, artistry, and world-class events, however it’s the people here that make it so inviting and special. The life-long friendships, many of which blossomed through my career in real estate, are what truly keep me anchored.

Given your 30-plus years of Real Estate experience, what advice would you give buyers looking for their piece of this Valley?

A home’s value in dollars may be a concern but the “TRUE VALUE” will be realized the first time your grandson you’ve watched ski since he took his first turns at age 3, holds high a medal from his first podium finish for his ski club. The first time Dad forgot the dog and had to turn around in Frisco, or welcoming your now 22-year-old daughter to her favorite place on earth for her last Christmas vacation before heading into the real world. In short, follow your dreams!

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