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Tavern on the Square

Experience the culinary creations of Chef Paul Wade at Tavern on the Square, located in the Arrabelle at Vail Square.

Presented by Tavern on the Square December 6, 2017

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What are your favorite ingredients?

Making salumi, sausage, cheeses, dumplings, braising and game. Stylistically, I follow a three-component rule: 1. There is the center of plate (not always meat any longer); 2. There is an accompaniment that compliments (think arugula and artichokes with grilled chicken); 3. Then there is a seasoning vehicle, citronette, vinaigrette, butter, jus, marinade, aioli, stock reduction, chimichurri et al. Anything else is fluff, but sometimes a little clever tweak can set your product apart from the pack.

Where does your inspiration comes from?

I am inspired by my profession because it allows me to apply the sciences, teaching, creativity, logistical planning, art and business skills. It’s super right/left brain operating and I’m always on the move. Plus, there is a certain fluidity and unpredictability, perhaps even sense of lawlessness that demands spontaneity. It’s exciting and fun!

Tavern on the Square

Paul J. Wade, Executive Chef

The Arrabelle at Vail Square, a RockResort

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