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The Faces of Vacation Rental Management


Presented by Invited Home June 7, 2019

Pictured: The Invitedhome Vail Team Left to Right in Its Flagship Property, Vail Valhalla. Stacy Rosener - Homeowner Experience, Justin Palmer - Maintenance Tech, Corey Carlstead - Vp of Home Care, Jessi Crowell - Hospitality Manager, Jenny Veruchi - Business Development Manager, Amanda Hendrix-black Fossett - Guest Experience Manager, John Maguire - Director of Marketing, Chris Davis - Earned Media Manager, Lindsay Jones - Business Development Manager

Owning a luxury home in the beautiful Vail Valley should never feel like a burden, and making the decision to rent your home should never be fraught with fear and uncertainty. InvitedHome is here to make sure of that.

The family- and employee-owned Colorado company has built its reputation as the leader in Vail property management by allaying anxiety surrounding short-term rentals in luxury homes. All too often, homeowners are overpromised on the level of guest screening property managers perform, get frustrated when precious vacation time is spent dealing with home care, and don’t receive appropriate transparency and communication when it comes to their legacy home. By following through on our promises to homeowners, InvitedHome has earned the trust of Vail’s luxury homeowners and become a pillar of the Vail Valley community.

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