Fall Makeover Advice from a Top Ski Town Stylist

Grooming a new you for a new season. (Spoiler alert, guys: 'scruffy' is out)

September 28, 2016

Susan hxcdub

Susan Wagenknecht of W Salon knows exactly what you need to do to look great this fall.

Image: Tom Winter

Fall is a time for change, so in that spirit our digital editor decided to ditch his scruffy mountain man mane and step into the season with a look more in keeping with his polished online persona. To assist with the transformation, we turned to Susan Wagenknecht, owner/stylist at W Salon in Edwards. The results are impressive, but not unexpected, given just how far our guy had let himself go.

We also asked Wagenknecht a few questions about how everyone, from urban hipsters to aging ski bums, can cultivate a fresh cut that'll turn more heads than aspenglow on Golden Peak.

What’s hot this fall?

Undercut looks for men, high pompadours and the shaved-in part for the men and for women as much as ombre is over, it’s not

What’s ombre?

Ombre is dark to light. It’s super-highlighted around the front and the ends an the top is dark, so dark to light. Everyone says that look's over but it is the most affordable style for girls because you don’t have to get it colored as often The longer you go the better it looks and it is a natural gorgeous look instead of an over-painted blonde or a brunette that is too dark. I love it.

For people who haven’t paid too much attention to their personal style, how do they decide on a look? Is it coming in and talking to you? How do figure it out?

People are looking at Pinterest or Facebook and they are seeing what other people are doing, but consulting with a stylist is really the best thing because we can tell you what is really going to look best with your face shape, what color is really going to work with your skin tonality and your eye color and your age. Sometimes you have to say that will be cute but you have to go really edgy or not at all because you are older. You can’t be 60 and trying to do a haircut or color that is too youthful; you have to make it edgy somehow. That’s easier for someone who is older to pull off.

So the trick is as we get older, we need to get edgier, is that what you are saying?

Yes! When you see a 70-year-old women walking around in her cute Lulumon outfit, you don’t want a grandmother’s haircut or a cut that looks like you borrowed it from your granddaughter. You want an edgy, cool, sporty look that’s still elegant enough to wear with a ball gown to a gala.

And for the men?

For the men? I’m telling you clean it up! Any cut is great! Go with what your style is. If you are looking to be more serious but you want to keep your long hair, maybe shorten it up into a man-bun, but something tight and clean not something like a raft guide look.

So for the guys, edgy, tight and clean are the keywords for this fall?

I would say so!


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