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5 More Things To Do While Staying At Home

Beat the self-quarantine blues with our guide to a handful of fun (and good) things to do while sheltering in place

By Ted Katauskas April 7, 2020

1. Take A Virtual Ski Vacation Yes, both of our mountain resorts are closed to downhill and uphill traffic, and while everyone is restricted from all but essential travel, you can still live vicariously in the ski boots of French daredevil Candide Thovex as he not only rips a new line, but down one of the wonders of the world no less. This could be one of the best three-and-a-half minutes of your day. 

JB T-Shirts is offering free face masks to the public for pickup at the shop in Eagle

2. Make A Mask, Then Wear It! Now that the Centers for Disease Control is advising everyone to wear face masks to avoid spreading COVID-19 when venturing out of quarantine for a quick (but essential!) trip to the supermarket or local trailhead, what's a body to do when the preferred product (the N95 respirator) has gone the way of the nation's toilet paper supply (as in wiped clean from the shelves)? If you're handy, you can make your own following this handy tutorial from CDC, or go local using this pattern endorsed by Vail Health. But if you're all thumbs, Eagle's JB T-Shirts (960 Chambers Ave, 970-328-5609; jbtshirts.com) has been offering face masks handmade at the shop to the public for free (available for pickup from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Mon, Wed, & Fri; to help fund this community project, donate here). Don't want to make the drive? Wear a buff over nose and mouth, and you're covered.

3. Take A Hike, But Be Flexible Yes, the statewide Stay-At-Home order allows you to get outdoors for r+r, but that doesn't mean that you need to go on a full-bore spring skiing expedition down the Cross Couloir, either. Given that local SAR resources are stretched perilously thin these days dealing with getting a handle on the pandemic, keep your outdoorsing simple, as in hike a familiar trail near you, but be avoid popular haunts like Berry Creek in Edwards, which to the chagrin of local law enforcement earlier this week attracted hordes of stir-crazy locals and packs of their ill-mannered, off-leash pooches, making a mockery of the county's revised social distancing guidelines. Be a good citizen and choose a low-risk/no-risk trail like the Eagle Valley Regional Trail, a paved recpath that follows the course of the Eagle River from one end of our valley to the other. Just make sure you keep your social distance, and wear that face mask you made, bought, or MacGyvered. 


Think of someday soon savoring this view from Maya's Beaver Creek-facing deck as you tuck into a to-go Easter feast from home

4. Order In For Easter While your usual go-to Sunday brunch may not be an option this Easter, you can still break your lenten fast without leaving the (oh-too-familiar) comforts of home with a catered meal from a Bunny Day fave: Maya at the Westin in Avon. Place your order by Friday (April 10; 970-790-5500) and a to-go Easter brunch for six (Honeybaked ham, potato gratin, roasted spring vegetables, lemon pound cake; $150; add booze (Mionetto Prosecco, Acrobat Pino Noir or Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc), $39/bottle) will be ready for pickup at the restaurant on Saturday (11 a.m. - 4 p.m.). Bonus: Nominate a favorite local teacher and first responder via the restaurant's Facebook page by Thursday, and Maya will gift the two most-voted superheroes free Easter feasts.


Just stay at home like Red Gerard

5. Stay At Home! Most of all, stay indoors as much as you can, and before you know it, things will return to normal. Need some inspiration? Watch this 60-second short featuring Burton athletes and Olympians, including Mark McMorris, Danny Davis, Mark Sollors, Kimmy Fasani, Kelly Clark, Julia Marino, Chloe Sillieres, Anna Gasser, Max Zebe, Mikkel Bang, Yuka Fujimori and Red Gerard, each sharing why they’re staying home -- and you should too.


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