4th For The Big Kids: Three choices to avoid most of the crowds for the martini crowd

One special event and two nice places with great views to watch fireworks

July 3, 2016

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The crowd is the first problem, The lack of bottle service and no mixologist on hand is the second.

Image: Zach Mahone

So you don’t like crowds and you feel that W.C Fields was right when he said that, “I like children when they are properly cooked,” and you’d rather not sit on the grass to watch fireworks. And perhaps you'd also like a cold beverage, mixed in a nice glass by a bartender.

These sentiments are all quite respectable. After all, not everything is perfect for everyone. That’s why we give you our choices on how to enjoy this year’s fireworks from a more refined vantage point: bars, bistros and restaurants that have not only great menus but also great views of this year’s pyrotechnics

Our pick of the crop is Larkspur's two-course plated dinner accompanied by dessert.  Seating is on their upper-mountainside, outdoor patio reserved exclusively for dinner guests. With bar service and a fantastic view of Vail's Golden Peak fireworks, there's also beverage service. It's sure to be a memorable evening,

Other options include Vail establishment Los Amigos. The venerable bar and Mexican restaurant's deck serves up margaritas as well as other libations. The views are a bit obstructed but the location, across from Gondola One, is first class.

Downvalley choices include Avon's Maya where patrons can  sneak views of the Avon's show off the west side of the restaurant's  deck tonight. Chef Richard Sandoval has enjoyed international acclaim with his contemporary Mexican food and the tequilla bar features over 100 agave-based spirits that you can pair with small plates.

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