A silent epidemic is upon us — 1 in 4 Eagle County middle school students has seriously considered suicide and approximately 1 in 6 has made a plan (Healthy Kids Colorado, 2017). These are just two shocking statistics in an eye-opening survey of students in our community.

Join the Education Foundation of Eagle County “E•ƒ(ec)” as we organize and back a new approach to addressing mental health issues in our schools, from prevention to intervention for depression and suicide to bullying and substance abuse. E•ƒ(ec)’s vision ensures that all schools in Eagle County—public, charter, and parochial—are staffed with a mental health professional and access to vital resources needed to be effective. 

Our youth face these challenges daily. Please support our all-around approach to student social and emotional well-being. 

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EFEC is dedicated to education and the intellectual and emotional needs of our students, especially focusing on in-school programs for enrichment, mental health support, and efforts to retain top teacher talent.