There are many people, inside and outside Eagle County’s borders, who feel a strong connection to the Vail Valley community. Known throughout the world as a premier resort town, the Vail Valley is also so much more: It is a place full of vibrant artistry and world-class athletic events. It is also a place where we take care of our young people and families through cradle-to-career education programming, providing a lasting impact on our community.

Behind many of these programs, events, and projects is one organization: the Vail Valley Foundation. The people of the Vail Valley have always had a can-do, volunteer spirit, but that mentality was formalized with the creation of the Vail Valley Foundation in 1981 with help from President Gerald R. Ford, along with support from local businesses, individuals, and municipalities who knew they could accomplish more together than any one entity could accomplish on their own. 

Ever since, the organization has been actively enhancing the quality of life in the Vail Valley and showcasing our community to a global audience through arts, athletics, and education.

Every day in the arts, support of the Vilar Performing Arts Center, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, Whistle Pig Vail, Free Summer concerts, and the Vail Dance Festival helps weave a cultural richness into our community that simply could not happen without community support. 

Every day in athletics, support of iconic athletic events such as the Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup, the GoPro Mountain Games, and the Colorado Classic pro cycling race connects us to the thrill of athletic achievement, encourages us to take part in a healthy mountain lifestyle, and stokes visions of future success for all our young dreamers. 

Every day in education, Eagle County’s children and families build stronger bonds and brighter futures thanks to the extended learning opportunities created by the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 cradle-to-career education programming. The first step is PwrUp, YouthPower365’s early childhood education programming. Then it’s on to PwrHrs, which serves more than 3,500 youths in K-12 afterschool and summer school programming (in fact, providing 100% of Eagle County’s public elementary and middle schools’ summer school). From there, students can count on YouthPower365’s PwrOn programming to provide the training, mentoring, internships, and scholarship support they need to live successful, fruitful lives.

The Vail Valley Foundation relies on your support to build the lasting connections that unify a community, build stronger bonds, and ensure a brighter future for everyone who is a part of this special place in the Rocky Mountains.

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