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Live Your Best Ski Day

Presented by SkiGirl November 14, 2019

Left to Right: Eva Thomas, Dana Erickson, Courtney O’Brien

What Is the Inspiration for SkiGirl? 

Skiing. It’s more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. A passion. Summer is great, but winter is what you dream about. When the first flakes of winter start to fall, you get excited, you feel that flutter-in-your-stomach, heart-racing, can’t-help-but-smile feeling. Your spirit wakes up. That thing inside you, that piece of your heart that has been dormant all summer, begins to say “go...get out there.”

We get it! Whether you are speeding down the hill on race day or simply enjoying a day with friends, Skigirl is the apparel brand that lets you live your passion and show the world that you love life, and the hill. We strive to make good-looking, well-functioning apparel that you can take with you from the hill, to après and beyond.

SKIGIRL live your best ski day

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