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“Living a Dream” at Frost Creek

Since founded in 2014, Frost Creek, located just outside Eagle, CO, has drawn the attention of lovers of world class golf and the mountain lifestyle.

Presented by Frost Creek December 12, 2019

Since founded in 2014, Frost Creek, located just outside Eagle, CO, has drawn the attention of lovers of world class golf and the mountain lifestyle. For a host of reasons, many members are now calling Frost Creek “home,” even if it’s really their home away from home.

Recently we spoke with Denver Channel 4 News Anchor Jim Benneman and his lovely wife Karen about their decision to join and build a home at Frost Creek.

Q: When did you first experience Frost Creek?

A: “The first time we came to Frost Creek was as guests during the 2018 golf season,” Karen says. “We arrived late, just after 1 a.m., so we were totally unaware of the beauty we would wake up surrounded by the next morning.” 

Q: Can you describe your first impressions?

A: “I was awe stricken when I woke up and saw the club in the daylight. Jim had an early tee time with our host, so we didn’t get to share our impressions of Frost Creek with each other until later in the day when golf was finished. In the meantime, I toured the property and fell in love with it,” Karen says.

“When we saw each other later that day it was unanimous—we had to become members,” Jim adds. “We talked to Kakie Holland, director of membership and real estate sales, that day and joined.” 

Q: Besides the beauty of Frost Creek, can you describe the club?

A: “Yes. Each time we were here we are impressed with the club’s management and staff noting a constant eye for attention to detail in everything from the immaculate condition of the golf course and member cabins to dining and the overall club experience and available activities. The easy nature of Frost Creek is not formal by club standards but places a high value on member satisfaction and creating a fun, family-friendly environment. It really delivers on the Colorado lifestyle,” says Jim.

Q: Membership wasn’t enough, I understand?

A: “No. What came next is a familiar story at Frost Creek, though. Not long after joining, we decided to buy a homesite and build our ‘dream home’ at the club,” says Jim. 

“Our choice to build at Frost Creek was as unexpected as our decision to join,” Karen adds. “We talked about a mountain home at some point and love the Steamboat area, but after spending a little more time here we knew this was where we wanted to be. It’s a feeling that is hard to place a finger on, but everyone we’ve met here is amazing. They share an energetic calm that I think comes from a zest for the mountains and being in this beautiful and fun place.”

Q: Your Frost Creek home is now complete and you moved in Summer 2019, how do you plan to enjoy it?

A: “Jim and I have eight children and two grandchildren (with another on the way) between us,” Karen says. “We love sharing Frost Creek with them and look forward to years of memories and enjoyment from this dream we didn’t even know we had until last year.”

Q: What would you tell someone about Frost Creek that they may not know?

A: “One of our favorite Frost Creek rituals is the experience of turning onto Brush Creek Road for the final few miles before reaching the club. It’s a phenomenon I’m sure is shared by everyone at Frost Creek, but when we get on Brush Creek Road leaving Eagle there is a notable feeling of relaxation that comes over us knowing that we are almost to Frost Creek,” Jim says. “Denver is only a little more than 100 miles from Frost Creek, but the last four miles drive up Brush Creek Road makes it seem a million miles away. You can’t put a price on that.”

For more information about Frost Creek visit www.frostcreek.com or contact Director of Sales Kakie Holland at 970-445-3072 or [email protected].