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Patients Find Relief with Fewer Pills at Vail’s Breakthrough Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Clinic.

Presented by Vail Valley Wellness February 2, 2020

Patients Find Relief with Fewer Pills at Vail’s Breakthrough Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Clinic. Those battling with pain, but unable or unwilling to alleviate their condition with potentially addictive pills can feel as if they’re on pins and needles waiting for a solution. However, for some suffering from pain, pins and needles ARE the solution. Becky Burgess L.Ac, owner of Vail Valley Wellness is a renowned authority in the field of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She founded Vail Valley Wellness to help patients live their best lives – independently and without debilitating chronic pain.

Vail Valley Wellness pioneers cutting edge, innovative medical solutions blended with time proven methods of traditional Chinese medicine to provide unparalleled patient care. Her facility serves as a production center for leading products in the field of Chinese medicine serving practitioners and patients throughout the United States and worldwide. Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive, Non- Drug, Lasting Pain Relief Gene Milbrett began to see Burgess in 2018 for lingering effects from a severe ski injury in 1998. “I think she does a heck of a job,” Milbrett said. “I’d taken a serious fall and put my hip through the pelvic socket.” Additionally, Milbrett had injured his ribs, vertebra and tailbone. “I’ve been maxed out of nerve pain meds, and all the doctors said to just live with it,” said Milbrett of Edwards. “It (acupuncture) was the last resort, with the best results.”

Dr. Ralph Becker, pain management physician for Mayo Clinic, recommends acupuncture and said Milbrett’s comments are common. “Patients today realize that in 2020 there are non-invasive options out there and want to avoid surgery if possible.” Becker says he has found that acupuncture helps many of his patients with chronic pain and neurological conditions. “You give them less medication, there are less uncomfortable side effects.” Becker said, “They get more active.”

Finally, a Solution for Neuropathy for others struggling with pain management and staying independent, such as Patricia Esperell of East Vail, pills are not an option. “I have nerve damage in my toes from when I broke my ankle,” Esperell said. “They all told me, there’s nothing they can do.” The sensation in her extremities was painful and felt like “burning needles” in her shoes. “Sometimes, I’d be up all night because of the hurting.” Esperell said her pain has largely abated and she’s able to do the hobbies she was used to doing since she began seeing Burgess in October. She said she did not expect the treatment to work, but is delighted it has. “I tell all my friends. I don’t have the pain in there and rarely use my cane,” Esperell said. “My husband doesn’t have to rub my feet anymore!”

“It [acupuncture] was the last resort, with the best results.” —Gene Milbrett

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