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The Face Of Beauty

Uplift With Polly.

Presented by Uplift With Polly June 16, 2022


Owner Polly Hastie, MSN, RN

Polly’s mission as an aesthetic nurse practitioner is to provide undetectable cosmetic treatments while honoring the human desire to look one’s best. Practicing in Colorado for over a decade, her loyal boutique following comes from the high country and beyond to experience her unmatched expertise with advanced injectables, a broad spectrum of fillers and laser treatments.

A board-certified nurse practitioner with a Master of Science in nursing, Polly has dedicated herself to keeping current on the latest and most innovative tools for advanced and effective treatments. Her focus on safety, realism, and achieving natural results will leave you with increased confidence and delight at first glance in the mirror. Book your consultation today!

Expert Injectables

  •  Botox and Dysport
  • Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella
  • Restylane, Kysse, Contour
  • Radiesse, Sculptra, etc.

Advanced Laser Technology 

  • MORPHEUS 8 RF Microneedling: Neck, face, and all-over body tightening
  • MOXI: Correct initial signs of sun damage and aging
  • BBL HERO: Next generation IPL photofacial
  • CO2 Fractional resurfacing
  • ICON Erbium fractional skin resurfacing and Max G IPL
  • Laser hair removal, chemical peels, and skin care


Uplight With Polly
56 Edwards Village Blvd, Suite 224, Edwards, CO