Carrying a Crush

Pamela Froman burnishes her technique for local charity.

By Joy Overbeck June 1, 2010 Published in the Summer/Fall 2010 issue of Vail-Beaver Creek Magazine

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Fanciful, and often fantastical, a piece of Pamela Froman jewelry will draw every eye in the room with its lustrous originality. That’s why Froman’s designs are making such a stunning impact in the rarefied world of couture jewelry. After walking off with the prestigious title of Rising Star at the 2006 JCK jewelry show in Las Vegas just two years after launching her business, Froman began collecting a flurry of awards and accolades that hasn’t let up yet. It didn’t hurt that Halle Berry fell in love with Froman’s 18-karat pink gold hoop earrings, actress Debra Messing chose diamond earrings, and Whoopi Goldberg found she couldn’t live without a set of the designer’s multicolored 18-karat gold bangles.

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Up for Auction: Pamela Froman’s “Scroll Crush Cap” earrings will be on auction at this year’s Connoisseur’s Trail. This limited-edition pair was handmade in Los Angeles with 18K yellow “crushed” gold, beautiful robin’s egg blue turquoise and diamonds.  Retail value: $2,200

Now Vail will have its chance to marvel at these exquisite, one-of-a-kind creations when Froman unveils her new collection at the Squash Blossom over Fourth of July weekend. The designer has also donated a gorgeous pair of 18-karat gold diamond drop earrings for the Connoisseur’s Trail gallery walk’s auction benefiting a local charity.

The distinctive look of Froman’s jewelry begins with the hand-hammering texturing technique she calls “crushed,” which she says gives “a softer, more natural feel” to the pieces. The way she mixes a rich palette of colors in one piece is also part of her design signature.

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Froman’s 18-karat “crushed” yellow gold ring with diamonds set in the scrolls

Born and raised in Manhattan, Froman at an early age began absorbing the artistic influence of her mother, the sculptor and designer Ann Froman. The younger Froman eventually settled in Paris, where she designed high-fashion jewelry for couturier salons, including Courreges, Cacharel, Carita and Guy Larouche. Returning to the United States, she became head designer at Keyes Jewelers, designing for the Valentino, Natori and Joan Collins collections. She launched her own collection at the beginning of 2004, giving personal expression to her belief that “individuality is the underlying theme of beauty.” 

Froman displays her design individuality in her use of elaborate Maltese and gothic crosses, beautiful handmade chains, sensual spiral motifs and wonderfully intricate detailing. According to the designer, the architecture she saw in her European travels—from the onion domes towering over St. Petersburg to the detailed scroll designs on Parisian gates—strongly shaped her creative vision.

Froman says her mission is to create timeless jewelry that can be worn with a designer gown on Hollywood’s red carpet or simply with designer jeans. “My collection is made to be worn, not locked away in a safe,” she says. “I believe the more a piece is worn, the more beautiful it is, because it becomes part of the wearer’s essence.”

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