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The Face of Sustainable Living

Peaceful Pad

Presented by Peaceful Pad June 7, 2018

Kelly Meyer

Kelly is the founder of Peaceful Pad, a sustainable living business offering interior decoration and home detox for the conscious consumer. The ethos is inspired by the pristine natural world, and Kelly affectionately weaves this spirit into a responsible and healthy approach to living.

Peaceful Pad offers you thoughtful services like home detox with recommendations and placement of non-toxic household and skincare products, slow fashion wardrobe styling, and sustainable interior furnishings and finish selection for new build and remodels. As an agent with BHHS Colorado Properties, Kelly can even help you buy or sell a home through a sustainable vision.

For an ongoing experience, Kelly opened an online store where you can shop a carefully curated collection of luxury, non-toxic household and skincare products. Free local delivery to both locals and visitors.

PEACEFUL PAD  |  VAIL  |  720-810-6667  |  peacefulpad.com