The Collective Interior Design Team

Collective Design + Furnishings makes it easy and enjoyable for Rocky Mountain homeowners to create inspirational spaces. They offer full-service interior design through an award-winning team of designers and a new retail boutique, featuring high-end, home furnishings carefully curated by the design team.

What are some of the ways you work with homeowners to create inspirational spaces for them?

Everyone has their own personal style and taste. Some clients are strongly in tune with their own style; others need help finding it. Each client is unique, so our approach to working with them varies as well. Having an on-site showroom is also incredibly beneficial — we can easily walk through, see and feel pieces together.

Can you share some of the most recent mountain interior design trends?

Clients are taking a “less is more” approach, where items are more intentional and meaningful, rather than selected just to fill a space. And we are moving towards more neutral color palettes with subtle pops of color and interest from accessories, artwork, area rugs, etc. This way, we can more quickly and less expensively refresh a space in the future.

We are using a lot of matte black and brass plumbing fixtures and introducing texture through furnishings and feature walls. Adding warm wood tones to accent walls and ceilings is a great way to introduce “refined rustic” into a mountain home while still staying with really clean lines overall.

What are some of your favorite/the most stand-out projects recently and what made them so unique and noteworthy?

We have a custom-construction project where the clients originally wanted to go traditional but then pivoted toward a more mountain-modern feel right as we were breaking ground. It’s fun when you have clients that trust you so much, they let you push them out of their comfort zone. 

We have a spec home project in Vail that has been so much fun. Between the client and our design team, we have all helped push the envelope. Having constraints of a market-driven budget has led to great challenges and creative solutions. We are excited to showcase something new for potential buyers in the Vail Valley.

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