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Uplift With Polly

Polly Hastie, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, has opened her private practice at the Edwards Corner.

Presented by Uplift with Polly July 13, 2020

Uplift [syn]: Boost, cheer, brighten.

Polly Hastie, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, is working solo at what she loves most: Cultivating the natural human desire to look and feel one’s best. Polly’s loyal boutique following comes from the high country and beyond to experience her unmatched expertise with advanced injectables, a broad spectrum of fillers, and laser treatments. I asked, “What makes being a client at Uplift different?” To paraphrase:

Personalized care. Polly’s bedside manner is unrivaled. I felt respected, understood, and special. No medical professional has ever given me her phone number and told me to call or text anytime, day or night. This is more than a “job” for Polly. If she thinks someone would be better served by a treatment she doesn’t provide, Polly will offer a personal recommendation. This is business at its finest. Client first.

Experience. No one knows safety, anatomy, and the nuances of her profession like Polly. After four degrees and a decade in a cosmetic surgeon’s office, Polly still attends conferences and seminars, keeping herself at the forefront of modern aesthetic options. Exceptional.

Uplift. It’s more than a name. Clients bask in Polly’s sunny room, the open windows and warm natural light. Words like relaxation, ease, and happiness were mentioned more than once. “When I look in the mirror now, I see a face balanced, youthful, and fresh.” Beautiful.

Uplift with Polly is joined in the Edwards Corner suite by the delightful Katie Horsman, founder of Quench Custom Skin Care. Unit 224 at Edwards Corner in Edwards just became the one-stop spot for all your aesthetic needs and indulgences. Polly Hastie is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing and is the founder of Uplift with Polly.

Book online at upliftwithpolly.com or text/call: 513.706.1110
56 Edwards Village Blvd | Unit 224 | Edwards CO | 81632