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Vail Christian High School

Founded in 1998, Vail Christian High School’s educational philosophy values excellence and innovation.

Presented by Vail Christian High School December 15, 2020

With a diverse mosaic of students representing different socioeconomic, ethnic, and faith backgrounds, the school’s culture unlocks and unleashes student potential with small class sizes and highly engaged faculty.

Steve O’Neil, Head of School

We spoke with Steve O’Neil, Head of School, about the recent investment made in technology at VCHS.

What is Anyone | Anytime | Anywhere education?

It’s regular “synchronous” class schedules using a high-tech solution, unifying in-person and off-campus teachers and students. It modernizes and enhances the traditional learning experience and will be leveraged beyond the current pandemic. We believe this type of interaction prepares our students for college and for their careers, especially in how it keeps us connected.

High-tech classrooms include: DTENs—all-in-one video conferencing hardware with Zoom integration for unparalleled collaboration, multiparticipant whiteboard interaction, and content sharing. Additionally, we’ve installed cameras, mics, speakers, monitors, and upgraded high-speed internet.

Describe this solution’s impact on students, families, and the school.

Flexibility. Students receive a flexible experience, with options to learn from school, home, or anywhere. Parents gain confidence that their student is engaged in real-time education. Our school reaches students who cannot attend in person, such as traveling athletes and international and multicity families.

Future & Forward Progress. The global pandemic caused us to respond and innovate to provide a high-end distance learning solution that we will continue to use after the pandemic ends.

First & Fearless. We forged the path as the first high school in Colorado to implement DTENs, and we are fearlessly on the front lines of educational innovation, taking teaching and learning to even better possibilities.

Faculty. Simple implementation allows teachers to deliver quality lessons and connect with their students. Instruction is enhanced through interactive content sharing with students both in person and on screen.

Friendship & Connection. Even when students are learning virtually, they are immersed in the classroom, experiencing fellowship with their friends and teachers. We honor the important role that social interaction plays in students’ learning and well-being.

Why should families consider sending their students to VCHS?

Vail Christian High School was recently ranked #1 among Best Christian High Schools in Colorado (for the third consecutive year) in the 2021 edition of Niche, Best Schools in America rankings. VCHS also earned #6 for Best College Prep Private High Schools in Colorado—the only school outside metropolitan Denver and Colorado Springs to be ranked.

31621 Highway 6, Edwards   |   970.926.3015

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