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Triumph Mountain Properties

A full-service, professional management company with nearly 50 years of combined property management and hospitality experience

Presented by Triumph Mountain Properties December 15, 2020

L to R: Ryan Robson, Terri Goodman, Nicole Layman, Michael Connolly, Daryn Ostendorf, Rachael Israel. Not Pictured: Ame Onofrey, Wade Greene

What is the key component to successfully selecting a property manager?

In our view, it’s trust—we like to think that these should be long-term relationships—so it is really important that both sides see working together as a “fit.” To do that, property owners should have as deep an understanding as possible of what services are important to them and be able to clearly communicate their expectations and requirements—clarity for both parties from the beginning is crucial to cementing a long-term, successful relationship.

The primary purpose of a property manager should be to handle property issues from the perspective of maintaining value and, when possible, enhancing value. Second homes here represent a sizable investment for owners—they need to be managed like any other asset class in someone’s portfolio. Owners need to trust that their property manager is looking out for their best interests.

What other criteria are important in selecting a property manager?

If you own a multimillion-dollar asset here, you should want to know that taking care of that asset is your property manager’s full-time role. It shouldn’t be one of three or four occupations that they have, because inevitably your property will need something important—and they won’t be available.

Along those lines, an owner should want to work with a company that employs most, if not all, of its team members and doesn’t have individuals with responsibility for your property who are forced to act as independent contractors.

And a good property management business will have up-to-date systems in place to allow them to be efficient and effective. They need to be savvy about how they use their time in order to provide an owner with services that meet the value-for-money proposition.

So why should a property owner choose Triumph Mountain Properties?

We are a full-service, professional management company with nearly 50 years of combined property management and hospitality experience across our team. Maintaining private residences and providing the highest standard of owner services are the core principles of our company.

We take the time to understand the requirements of each property and owner we work with. Trust your home to the experts, and call us for a consultation.

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