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Creative Living

Specially-Curated Modern Outdoor Décor

Presented by Creative Living June 24, 2021

You’ve opened a new showroom in Frisco. What can people find there that they won’t see elsewhere?

Creative Living offers an all-encompassing approach to modern outdoor living, including furniture, outdoor kitchens, and firepits, as well as accessories like planters, fountains, sculpture, and lighting. We are often the only place in Colorado where people can shop the product lines we carry, all of which are curated both locally and from around the world for their quality and sustainability, and of course, modern design.

You mentioned outdoor kitchens—tell us more!

Outdoor kitchens are one of our specialties, especially for extreme weather conditions like we have here in Colorado’s mountains. We focus on durable materials like stainless steel that are elegant and easy to clean. Cabinets can be powder-coated in more than 60 colors or with realistic woodgrain finishes to match the aesthetics of the rest of the space. Moreover, contemporary outdoor kitchens don’t stop with the basics—homeowners are choosing to include teppanyaki griddles, pizza ovens and kegerators. Although we usually install within a single day, it’s a good idea to start designing an outdoor kitchen at least six months in advance to allow adequate time for production.

Do you offer design services?

While customers are always invited to come in and shop right off our showroom floor, we also offer design services to people who prefer to have an entire outdoor lifestyle designed for them. Our professional designers consider the homeowner’s unique style, needs, and vision, then create outdoor living spaces that live and breathe with them.

Frisco Showroom: 695 Summit Blvd., Unit D, Frisco, CO / 970-455-8521 / clden.com
Denver Showroom: 1101 N. Santa Fe Dr. Denver, CO / 720-222-9509 / clden.com