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Digital Eye Exam

Eye Pieces of Vail

Presented by Eye Pieces of Vail February 12, 2019

A comprehensive digital eye exam from Eye Pieces of Vail is the most convenient way to update your eyeglass prescription. How does it work? Our expert staff connects you with a doctor who will perform your exam via teleconference. Your eye exam, on your time! 

Once your exam is complete, our dedicated stylists will help you choose from our collection of the world’s finest eyewear. We will build your prescription accurately, using the best lenses available, in our world-class, on-site lens lab.

Digital eye exams are available Monday through Saturday at Eye Pieces of Vail’s Edwards Corner location. At Eye Pieces of Vail, the doctor is always in! Request an exam online at our website, eyepiecesofvail.com.

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