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Dr. Leslie Ahlmeyer, MD, FACOG

Meet Dr. Leslie Ahlmeyer of Yampa Valley OB/GYN.

Presented by Yampa Valley Ob/Gyn April 3, 2019

Dr. ahlmeyer sfgabr

Dr. Leslie Ahlmeyer founded Yampa Valley Ob/Gyn in 1996 on the principles of quality, independent, local health care for women in Colorado mountain communities.  She retains a small staff that embraces her philosophy of individualized care in an intimate, private-practice setting. 

Her long medical tenure has evolved into a passion for advanced, innovative gynecologic services, including novel fractional CO2 vaginal laser therapy, minimally invasive laparoscopic robotic surgery, and pellet implant therapy as one of her ongoing bio-identical hormone treatment choices. Using robotics, Dr. Ahlmeyer performs collaborative surgery with local urologists and general surgeons, allowing patients to have procedures done locally that previously required specialty care at larger, urban hospitals. “Offering advanced gynecologic services in a rural, mountain setting is a privilege.”

Yampa Valley Ob/Gyn

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