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Triumph Mountain Properties 2022

New properties with stunning mountain views and great amenities.

Presented by Triumph Mountain Properties February 18, 2022

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What’s new at Triumph Mountain Properties this season?

2021 has been a very good and very busy year for us. We have added several new properties to our management and rental programs. We are excited for our guests to experience these new properties with stunning mountain views and great amenities.


Crystal Wilson joined our team as our Director of Owner and Guest Services, with the remit to continuously improve the quality of experience had by both our owners and our rental guests when they are in residence. To that end, we have added two exciting options to our rental program for this coming winter season: The Diamond Collection and Hosted Experiences.

The Diamond Collection is a pairing of our platinum-rated luxury homes with high-end services provided by our trusted partners. Over the years, we have helped our guests access all of these services on an à la carte basis. It is our pleasure to now be able to give our guests the ability to add these services to a reservation through the Diamond Collection.

And as a matter of course, you will have access to a personal concierge for the duration of your stay to help you with anything you might require, including preplanning, building your itinerary, restaurant reservations, rentals, activities, grocery shopping, and any logistical needs.


How does a Hosted Experience differ from The Diamond Collection?

Our hosted experiences are the ultimate opportunity for guests to relax, get pampered, and experience some exhilarating adventures! In select properties, we provide:

  • Two on-site, fully dedicated concierge/assistants and one planning concierge
  • On-call shuttle service, including airport transfers
  • Fresh flowers for arrival
  • Daily in-home breakfast service
  • Private Chef dinner for one night during your stay
  • Up to 4 in-villa massages per day
  • One daily bartender (as needed)
  • Nightly babysitting (as needed)
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Chef-prepared cheese and charcuterie graze with accoutrements, delivered on the day and time of your choice
  • Preferred restaurant dining reservations
  • Discounted private snowmobile excursion
  • Discounted ski rentals
  • Discounted clothing/gear
  • Vail Village private shopping guide
  • Summer: Jeep trekking, private hiking guide, discounted fly-fishing excursion, and discounted horseback riding 

For more information on these opportunities please visit our website, .

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