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Meet Jim Tylich, gallery owner and collector of fine art.

Presented by Vail Fine Art Family of Galleries November 16, 2018

James Tylich, Owner

What Are Your Passions?  Motivations?

As an avid student of history, language and culture, I find that art reflects these three things in an amazing way.  The history of a nation causes various trends to come to the fore.  Language follows with trends and changes to reflect the past and lead to the future.  From that, culture is produced to give living evidence of these two influences.  What follows is artwork that refers back to and is very much influenced by the above.  I enjoy immensely studying the art and relating it back to its roots.

What else do you look for in the art you collect?

Emotion!  Interest, dynamic presentation of an idea, beautiful use of color, composition and brush stroke and evidence of the touch of a master.  Art must move you!

“Reception—Lenin’s Mother” 1923

by Shmykov

Oil on Canvas

92” x 64”

What can you say to your buyers?

Look at art from every angle of thought, you know it when your heart leaps, fall in love with it, acquire it, then put it into a revered place in your home!  Enjoy!

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