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The Spa at the Vail Athletic Club

Treat yourself to one of the many therapeutic spa treatments  and also enjoy access to the fitness facility, yoga and movement classes.

Presented by The Spa at the Vail Athletic Club November 16, 2018

What’s innovative at The Spa at Vail Athletic Club this season?

We are introducing gemstones in select signature services and retail boutique offerings to complement our already nature-infused menu.  Experience our Rose Quartz “Be Love” Facial incorporating crystals and renowned Hauschka hydrating serums for a dewy glow.  Our Gemstone “Mantra” Massage allows guests to customize a stone blend while setting an intention to reduce stress, enhance life flow, or promote joy.  While all treatments at the Spa are known for being authentic and therapeutic, the added benefit of centered healing through the use of gems is sure to inspire and delight.

What other can’t-miss treatments are featured at the Spa at Vail Athletic Club?

Our Magnesium Wellness massage promotes healthy muscle function, regulates energy and sleep levels and generally fosters well-being.  Ancient Minerals magnesium is absorbed through the skin to receive the full health benefits of this service.  You’ll leave the massage feeling detoxified and any muscle tension and soreness will melt away with the magnesium.

With any spa treatment, day access to the Vail Athletic Club’s extensive fitness facility and complimentary yoga and movement classes are included.  Join us for a true wellness experience.

The Spa at Vail Athletic Club

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