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Canine Companions for Independence

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Presented by Canine Companions for Independence November 14, 2019

Canine Companions for Independence is a nonprofit organization that provides expertly trained assistance dogs to children, adults and veterans with disabilities, completely free of charge.

The assistance dogs they breed, raise and train aren’t just the ears, hands and legs of their human partners. They’re also goodwill ambassadors and often, their best friends. They open new opportunities and new possibilities and spread incredible joy. Canine Companions unites people with dogs in a powerful program that leads to greater independence and confidence. 

The Vail Valley Chapter and Vail Valley Junior Chapter encompasses students, puppy raisers, graduates and volunteers in the Vail, Colorado area and is an extension of the Southwest Regional Training Center. They work to raise awareness, recruit new puppy raisers and volunteers and support one another’s work on behalf of the Canine Companions’ mission. Canine Companions is excited to be working with Vail Mountain School on a future facility dog placement.

P.O. Box 61839, Colorado Springs, CO 80960

719-260-6151 | cci.org