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Small Champions

Small Champions focuses on abilities not disabilities. Please donate!

Presented by Small Champions November 14, 2019

Founded in 1996, Small Champions is a nonprofit organization committed to enhancing and improving quality of life by providing sports and recreation opportunities for eligible youth ages 5 through 21 with cognitive, physical, and multiple disabilities.  Individuals who are residents of Eagle County, Colorado, receive needs based instruction to support their developmental progress.

A Small Champion may be intellectually bright and active, but may be limited in their physical mobility or communication skills. Other children have sound bodies but have significant cognitive challenges resulting in moderate, severe, or profound developmental delays. 

Small Champions participants are only able to experience the thrill of learning these sports with specialized equipment and one-to-one instruction from a trained adaptive instructor.  We provide programs that would otherwise be unavailable to these children without significant cost to their families.

Our sports and recreation programs create an interactive, stimulating and safe environment where participants can learn new skills, gain confidence, and develop lasting relationships with their instructors, counselors, and fellow participants.

P.O. Box 4691, Vail, Colorado  81658

970-390-0004  |  smallchampions.org