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Frost Creek

In February of 2020 the Rinn Family moved into one of the homes they built at Frost Creek, fulfilling the dream Louis and Jayme started years ago.

Presented by Frost Creek December 15, 2020

The Rinn family, Sophia, Sienna, Louis and Jayme

Like many highly desirable locations throughout the United States, Frost Creek, a private luxury golf and mountain club located in Eagle, Colorado, saw a surge in interest during 2020. Sales of home sites, pre-sale home construction, custom home starts, and club memberships dramatically increased throughout the summer and fall seasons. The club, celebrating its 5th anniversary, has a unique character and community that has emerged from the ownership’s vision. Located just 13 miles from Eagle County Airport, a major point of entry to the Vail Valley, many have found Frost Creek to be an easily accessible “sanctuary” in the mountains.

Louis and Jayme Rinn, joined Frost Creek in 2015 and are now full time residents. The Rinns have also played a unique role in the growth of Frost Creek. Rinn Builders, Louis and Jayme’s building company, has completed six custom homes at Frost Creek to date. They have five homes currently under construction and are already scheduled to build six more over the next two years. 

The Rinns shared their Frost Creek story in a Q&A exclusive.

How did you first become aware of Frost Creek?

“We knew about the golf course and clubhouse and the natural beauty of the place long before it was purchased and launched as Frost Creek,” said Jayme. “We lived in Eagle Ranch and would come up and walk the property and talk about how amazing it would be to live here someday.”

So, when did you become involved with Frost Creek?

“It was early. I was asked to look at a remodel for a portion of the clubhouse. While there, I was introduced to Chad Brue, Frost Creek’s owner. We began talking about his vision for the club, which I found intriguing”, said Louis. “Jayme and I are avid golfers. We joined the club shortly after and purchased two of the first three home sites made available with the intent to build spec homes.” 

“The plan, at that point, was to build and sell the first two homes and then build our own home. We fell in love with the first one and thought about keeping it, but before it was fully completed, buyer interest became overwhelming. We stuck to the plan and sold it. The rest is history and what led to Rinn Builders becoming so involved in the construction of homes in the Frost Creek community”, added Jayme.

“It’s true. Soon after that other members saw the first home and began approaching us about building their custom homes,” said Louis. Now his friends at the club jokingly call him the “Governor” of Frost Creek. 

What’s it like to live at Frost Creek?

“For us it’s a dream come true,” said Jayme. “What started with conversations about a distant goal, is now our everyday life. We live in this beautiful place, surrounded by a growing and wonderful community that we are helping to shape.”

“We’ve really gotten to know many of the members very well through spending so much time living, working, and playing here at Frost Creek. There are a lot of families that are members and the recreational activities are endless. Our daughters, 14 and 17 years old, love having their friends come over whether they are locals or from out of town. There is so much for them to do here and the club activities are set up for all ages”, added Louis. 

What’s your favorite thing about Frost Creek?

“The golf course!,” Louis said. “Golfweek Magazine just rated Frost Creek in the Top 10 Private Courses in Colorado. It’s by far my favorite in the Vail Valley, and there are some great courses here.”

“For me, it’s the type of people Frost Creek has attracted that really makes this place special. Members are lively, active, and genuinely friendly. Of course, don’t forget the golf!” added Jayme with a smile.

For more information about Frost Creek membership and real estate opportunities visit frostcreek.com or contact Director of Sales Kakie Holland at (970) 319-5585 or [email protected] 


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